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Palmeraie Developpement is a leading group in the real estate and hospitality &leisure sectors. A pioneer and creator of unique life concepts, PalmeraieDéveloppement offers innovative projects based on the “Better Life Style” concept. This vision is embodied in the design of living spaces suited to the needs of families, their lifestyle and their desire for more leisure. Over the course of projects, years and innovations, the Group has been able to invent a unique Developer Promoter model. This uniqueness has helped it to consolidate its fundamentals and distinguish itself in a rapidly changing real estate and hospitality sector. With its extensive experience in Morocco, PalmeraieDéveloppement has established itself internationally in recent years, particularly in Africa. Its skills are being used to meet the housing challenge on the Continent and are positioning it, today, in the markets of the future.


Palmeraie Developpement is a leading group that encompasses luxury, social and mid-range real estate, as well as hospitality and leisure businesses. PalmeraieDeveloppement is a leading group, a catalyst of innovation.
From its own experience, the Group expanded its business coverage with third-party hotels management as well as the establishment of new subsidiaries, Palmeraie Hospitality Africa and Palmeraie Contractors. These will respectively handle African projects and turnkey integrated projects intended to institutional investors.

Being insightful and visionaries, the creator as well as the top management initiated for the last years, the Group transformation plan towards a promoter developer model. This new model allows Palmeraie Développement in strengthening its fundamentals as well as intervening in the entire project value chain through the projects conception in their entirety. The Group actually stands out very well in an evolving real estate and hospitality sector.

Fundamental corporate values

Palmeraie Developpement has translated quality, innovation and commitment into values around which each project is built. Specifically:
  • For the Group, innovation means forward-looking products that will revolutionize the sector and the business;
  • quality, together with innovation, reflects the Group’s ambition to offer suitable, long-term products to clients;
  • For PalmeraieDéveloppement, commitment consists in keeping the promise made to customers, which is to deliver products that meet or even exceed their expectations.
These values form the basis for the Group’s development and its ability to constantly reinvent itself and surpass itself. They contribute to strengthening the Group’s leadership, the diversification of its businesses and its international expansion, particularly in Africa. Above all, they enable it to confidently support its clients.
By combining service with quality, stay with experience and facilities with luxury, PalmeraieDéveloppement intends to maintain its leadership position in Morocco through the consolidation of its positioning.

A journey marked by innovation

Since 1980, Palmeraie Developpement has provided expertise, quality and innovation in the design, production and delivery of each of its projects. The history of the Group’s real estate and hospitality division is closely linked to the visionary character of the Group’s founder, his ability to identify the needs of citizens and to provide the product that meets those needs.

1980 :

Mohammedia is the city that hosted the Group’s first real estate project. Named Résidences Dar Saada, this first project is a precursor to the name that will be given, twenty years later, to the Group’s social and mid-range housing division.

1982 :

This first Mohammedia project was quickly followed by Résidences Moulay Youssef, the first project in luxury real estate. Proof of the reliability and quality of this recognized player’s work.

1988 :

The first residential complex, “Les Jardins de la Palmeraie”, was launched in Marrakech. This project, the first of its kind in Morocco, led to the development of new residential complex projects carried out by other market players.

1993 :

Determined to support tourism in Morocco, described by the public authorities as a driver for the country’s economic growth, the Group launched the “Palmeraie Golf Palace”, a large-scale tourist complex, the first of its kind in the country. This complex consists of a hotel, several restaurants, a shopping center, a bowling alley, a fitness center, and most importantly, Morocco’s first private 18-hole golf course.

2001 :

“Résidences Dar Saada”, the subsidiary specialized in social and intermediate housing projects, was established.Intended to contribute to covering the housing deficit in Morocco following the royal will to address this crucial issue head on, Résidences Dar Saada distinguished itself by its quality products that were highly appreciated by buyers.

2007 :

To shed light on its products, the Group launched the “EspacesSaada”label, which embodies the “city within a city” concept. A label which demonstrates a holistic approach to real estate and which integrates all aspects of community life, namely green spaces, schools, local shops, etc.

2009 :

The Group launched its first integrated Resort in Casablanca, “Jardins de l’Océan”, extending across 29 hectares. The project is located on the road to Dar Bouazza.

2011 :

With promising prospectsin its two markets, Residences Dar Saada increased its capital by a total amount of 900 million dirhams. The confidence inspired by this player in the social and intermediate real estate sectors attracted national and international institutional investors among its shareholders.

2013 :

Palmeraie Developpement launched its Resort in Bouskoura, California Golf Resort, which stretches across 130 hectares, 80 hectares of which are green spaces.

2014 :

2014 was a major milestone for the Group’s real estate division, particularly for Résidences Dar Saada which went public and raised more than 1.13 billion dirhams, representing 20% of the capital.

2015 :

Palmeraie Developpement innovates in its entertainment & leisure business by launching “Waky Marrakech”, the first cable-ski in Les Jardins de l’Atlas Resort. This sporting activity that the Group has introduced in Morocco and North Africa is carried out on a 3-hectare artificial lake.
The same year, PalmGolf Morocco was launched by the Group and encompasses the three golf courses of PalmGolf Marrakech, PalmGolf Marrakech Ourika and PalmGolf Casablanca in Bouskoura.

2016 :

PalmeraieDéveloppement launched the Palm Immobilier brand dedicated to high-end real estate. This brand features a unique offer in prime locations for the higher socioeconomic categories.

2017 :

The Palmeraie Country Club was established. This club offers a different experience in terms of lifestyle and well-being within the California Golf Resort. It also offers a unique golf and sports experience with a sports center featuring a fitness room, an Olympic swimming pool, a tennis court, a soccer field, etc. The restaurant completesthis range of offerings.

2018 :

Résidences Dar Saada launched the “social duplex apartment”, a new generation of social housing and a real breakthrough in the sector.This new product has generated a lot of interest among buyers. Its marketing exceeds expectations and the trends remain very promising.
Palmeraie Developpement launched the Palmeraie Immobilier brand, which covers luxury and high-end real estate and will launch five new projects. 2018 witnessed the start of third-party hotel management activities, with the signing of the first contract between the Hospitality & Leisure Division and the OCP Group. This contract concerns the management of serviced apartments, belonging to the phosphate company and located in the Bouskoura industrial zone. The 3-year contract was awarded to Palmeraie Developpement during a call for tenders open to national and international groups.
Finally, as part of its 2020COURSE strategy, Palmeraie Developpement has created Palmeraie Contractors, a subsidiary specializing in delegated project management, dedicated to the formulation of global offers and turn-key integrated projects.

An organizational synergy

A player in urban transformation on the Continent

The Palmeraie Developpement Group supports Morocco’s sectoral visions through its various divisions and activities. Within this framework, Palmeraie Developpement has begun a process of transformation into a Developer Promoter with a global urban vision. The objective of this transformation is to create high added value and to participate in the socio-economic development of cities. By becoming a Developer Promoter, the Palmeraie Developpement group intends to support cities in their urban transformation. And the Group designs REAL CITIES integrated into THE CITY, both in their residential and tourist components.

A full-fledged African operator .

Africa’s increasing urbanization is creating significant housing needs. These needs represent so many opportunities that the Group intends to seize to make its development on the continent a reality. With nearly 45 years of accumulated experience in the domestic market, the Palmeraie Developpement Group brings its know-how and expertise to sub-Saharan countries. The various projects developed in real estate and hospitality in Africa confirm the Group’s leadership position in its businesses and expand its growth drivers.

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Social and mid-range real estate featuring luxury standards

Created in 2001 to contribute to the reduction of the housing deficit, estimated at the time at 1.2 million units, Résidences Dar Saada specializes in social and mid-range real estate. Over the years, Résidences Dar Saada has established itself as the quality reference in these two product segments. Résidences Dar Saada applies the same quality requirements and attention to social housing, drawing inspiration from the Group’s methods and approaches to luxury real estate. With a land reserve of nearly 1,075 hectares at the national level, Résidences Dar Saada has a diversified offer with a global program of over 96,000 units to date.

Each project of Résidences Dar Saada aims to be a city within the city. As a socially responsible company, Résidences Dar Saada is committed to supporting its clients in gaining access to quality housing and provides innovations for a better living environment. With the launch of the duplex in the social housing sector, Résidences Dar Saada reinforces this commitment to provide greater comfort.

In order to better meet the needs of the market, Résidences Dar Saada has placed mid-range real estate at the heart of its strategic priorities. The ambition is to increase this segment to 20% of turnover by 2020.

Résidences Dar Saada has launched the development of a real estate project consisting of 2,000 units on a 40-hectare land reserve in Côte d'Ivoire, the first show houses having been completed. The delivery of this first tranche will take place in 2019.
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Our projects by city :

To meet the need of a large number of buyers who are looking for luxury products that are affordable and can be personalized according to their taste, Palmeraie Developpement launched its new brand, Palmeraie Immobilier, in 2018. The latter, which specializes in luxury and high-end real estate.

It offers vast possibilities for personalizing housing through a new business model adapted to this need for uniqueness. Palmeraie Immobilier’s products are adapted to the buyer’s budget to make him get the most out of his investment.

Milestones : 9 projects underway :

  • La Colline de l’Océan à Dar Bouazza
  • Océan Palm à Dar Bouazza
  • California Golf Resort
  • Les Jardins de l’Océan à Dar Bouazza
  • Palm Square au center de Casablanca
Marrakech :
  • Les Jardins de la Palmeraie
  • Les Jardins de l’Atlas
Tanger :
  • Ghandouri Vista
  • Les Jardins de Malabata
This experience will become more tangible with the launch of five new projects:
La colline de l’Océan in Dar Bouazza Casablanca The triplex and Duplex in Dar Bouazza Casablanca Les villas Jardins de la Palmeraie Les Jardins de l’Atlas La falaise de Gahandouri in Tangier :
  • Le triplex et duplex à Dar Bouazza
  • Les Jardins de l’Atlas

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Key figures :

million dirhams
in 2018
1.5 billion dirhams
a global

Pioneer of upmarket hotels in Morocco

A unique offering of entertainment and leisure activities

Entertainment and leisure activities are among the priorities of the Group’s Hospitality & Leisure Division, which builds on its know-how to offer a range of first-class activities to tourists.
To this end, the Hospitality & Leisure Division manages the Casablanca and Ourika golf courses, the Waky Marrakech Cable-Ski and many star-rated restaurants. In this sense, La Corniche project in Casablanca represents a showcase of the Group’s know-how in this area.
Since 2018, the division has been developing third-party management with the signing of its first contract with OCP.

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Palmeraie Développement has succeeded in building up, through Palmeraie Resorts, a unique know-how in the hotel industry. In the early 1990s, the Group initiated tourist complexes with a first site in the Palmeraie of Marrakech. This has since established the reputation of its high quality service, appreciated well beyond national borders. Palmeraie Resorts also offers tourist residences to suit all budgets.

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Palmeraie Resorts

For more than twenty years, Palmeraie Développement has been at the forefront of the leading groups through its constant innovation capacity and its large-scale tourism projects.The PalmeraieDéveloppement Hospitality & Leisure division distinguishes itself by the 1st resort in Morocco under the name of Palmeraie Resorts in the Palmeraie of Marrakech as well as tourist residences offering a new style of accommodation adapted to everyone.The division is also innovating through leisure activities by offering a unique experience with the 1st private golf course in Morocco, the PalmGolfPalmeraie Marrakech, the Palmeraie Country Club and Waky Marrakech, the 1st cable-ski in Morocco and North Africa.

Palmeraie Contractors

A global turn-key offering

With the aim of broadening its scope of activities and offering tailor-made projects to institutional investors, the Group has created Palmeraie Contractors. This subsidiary, the Group’s general contractor, offers investors a single point of contact capable of covering the entire value chain of their project.

Palmeraie Contractors brings together all the Group’s expertise to provide a complete and consolidated offering. This important area of development for the Group will be based on the following services: :
  • Business development
  • design and technical studies
  • steering
  • monitoring and execution of works
  • customer service
  • maintenanceand industrial engineering


Hospitality & Leisure

Palmeraie Hospitality Africa, which supports all of the Group’s i-tourist projects in Africa, responds to the needs of a fast-changing continent. The subsidiary intends to support the development of tourism in Africa by bringing its philosophy of hospitality and leisure to Africa. In this sense, Palmeraie Hospitality Africa, a subsidiary of the Palmeraie Developpement group, and the Municipality of the Plateau have launched the construction of the Abidjan Plateau hotel, and turned over the management to the Radisson Hotel Group, a world leader in the high-end business hospitality sector. A management agreement was signed to this effect on Monday June 25 in Abidjan. The hotel complex, scheduled to open in 2021, is designed to meet the Municipality's desire to provide a quality hotel infrastructure for regional and international business customers. To this end, it offers all the amenities and benefits from the expertise of the Palmeraie Developpement group in terms of hotel development and asset management.

Real estate

In Africa, Palmeraie group will cover the roll-out of real estate solutions that have been tried and tested in Morocco. It is also a matter of sharing experience in order to design, alongside our partners, the Africa of the future. The subsidiary has already introduced “steelframing”, a technological solution to optimize production and offer very competitive prices, to its African projects. Résidences Dar Saada launched the plateau, just a few minutes from the Abidjan Business Center, at the edge of the municipality of Yopougon, on the road to Dabou. 1 km from the lagoon, the Edéna site, covering forty (40) hectares, ten (10) of which are reserved for green spaces and recreational facilities, is ideally located in an urban and green area. A real city within the city, the Edéna project offers a secure residential space with access controls. The project is composed of 2,179 functional three- or four-room units in single or multi-floor houses. The single-floor houses are built on a plot of land. The one-floor houses are independent, superimposed apartments, one on the ground floor and the otheron the upper floor.They each have separate access and different private spaces.

Abidjan Plateau Hotel in Côte d’Ivoire


Songonin Côte d’Ivoire



Investing in the fulfilment of Moroccan youth

By joining forces, Palmeraie Developpement and Résidences Dar Saada wanted to work towards the fulfilment and success of Moroccan youth. In this context, the duo sponsors the Acharif El Idrissi school in Benslimane, in collaboration with volunteer experts, the Ministry of National Education, civil society and the ecosystem comprising the Group’s partners. This sponsorship has enabled the school’s students to benefit from preschool programs, extracurricular activities - singing, drama, drawing lessons -, school coaching and personal development. The sponsorship has also provided the school with 59 different amenitiesand helped to reforest 2,000 m2 in the vicinity of the school..
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