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Palmeraie Developpement incorporates new concepts which are considered key to sustainable development and which enhance its position as a pioneer.

Palmeraie Developpement’s new vision is focused on 3 major focuses:

  • strengthening its leadership in terms of quality and innovation,
  • diversifying by developing new activities, including agribusiness, education, and mines & quarries,
  • developing the Group on the international scene, most particularly in Africa.

The Group aims to consolidate its real estate, tourism and industrial activities by 2020, strengthen its leadership in Morocco and Africa and develop new activities.

Palmeraie Developpement will also be launching new concepts with regard to luxury, mid-range and social housing.

The Group plans significant development of delegated project management activities, drawing on its acquired know-how and that of its teams – in particular by positioning itself on calls for tenders in Morocco and abroad.

As regards tourism, major developments are planned in Morocco and abroad, with strengthening of the entertainment and leisure activities division. That vision of tourism is not simply based upon provision of additional beds, but above all on an entertainment and leisure activity offer in the context of Morocco’s “Vision 2020”.

In the 30 projects currently under development, Espaces Saada aims to create balanced, harmonious living environments in which residents can fulfil their potential and develop lasting social ties.

Its mission is a response to His Majesty the King’s expressed determination to make up Morocco’s housing deficit.

At present, Espaces Saâda also markets and develops a range of investment programmes, making plots of land across the country available to one and all, essentially in the following projects: Fadaat Al Mohit in Casablanca, Manzah Berrechid in Berrechid and Bohayrat Saiss in Fez.

Consolidating its positioning as a key tourism operator and leader in the tourism sector, Palmeraie Resorts, the Group’s Hotels & Leisure Activities Division, is implementing a new development strategy in line with “Vision 2020”, which will lead it to invest in further integrated hotel complexes as well as leisure activity, catering and entertainment facilities with the PALMERAIE RESORTS brand, in Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir and Marrakech.

In addition, and also in the context of “Vision 2020”, Palmeraie Développement’s Hotels & Leisure Activities Division is developing hotel and leisure activity facilities with their “California Golf Resort” project in Casablanca and “Jardins de l’Atlas” in Marrakech, making the Group one of the country’s leading tourism operators.

In the same vein, the Division will be inaugurating two more 18-hole golf courses in 2014, the first at California Golf Resort in Casablanca and the second at the Jardins de l’Atlas in Marrakech, which also boasts Morocco’s first cable-skiing system.

Strategy for Development in Africa

As part of its strategy for development on the international scene, most particularly in Africa, Palmeraie Développement   is investing in social, economic and luxury housing and tourism in Côte d’Ivoire and Gabon.

The strategy for development in Africa seeks to help sustain market growth in the region’s countries’ tourism and real estate sectors, and partner Morocco’s interest in strengthening economic relations with the countries in question. Palmeraie Développement is consequently the first Moroccan group active in the tourism sector to locate in Africa. 3 agreements have already been signed for construction of 10,500 housing units and two high-end residential tourist projects.