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Palmeraie Resorts new identity

Palmeraie Resorts new identity


Palmeraie Hôtels & Resorts, a subsidiary of Palmeraie Développement, is becoming Palmeraie Resorts and acquiring a new visual identity. A new vision which foreshadows significant developments in new Resorts, catering complexes, and leisure and entertainment through Morocco.

Now revamped and offering a more extensive proposition, Palmeraie Resorts Marrakech is now positioned as an integrated Resort and genuinely offers a destination for both leisure and business.

The Group has now revealed the new visual identity of its Hotels & Leisure division, Palmeraie Resorts, and of its hotel site in Marrakech, Palmeraie Resorts Marrakech, which is positioned as a prestige hotel Resort.

Palmeraie Resorts is being innovative with a new look more in keeping with its image and its new vision for the division. The change reflects not only the revamp but also, and in particular, a strong commitment in the tourism sector through the development of tourist and leisure activities in Marrakech and nationally. A new vision for development has been defined by the Group, foreshadowing a series of large-scale and significant projects throughout the entire Kingdom.

The entire range of Palmeraie Resorts products and services have been rethought, reviewed and improved as a result, in order to turn them into a range of unmatched and inclusive fresh experiences for its customers. A mark of the company’s position in luxury and refinement which reflects the Palmeraie Resorts brand.

To establish this new vision in high-end tourism, a new visual identity has been rolled out across the current sites in the Resort. The first investment was in relation to the renovation of the Palmeraie Golf Palace. Each element in the Palmeraie Resorts - Palmeraie Palace, Hôtels du Golf, Jardins d’Ines, Pavillon du Golf, palais des Congrès, the 27-hole golf course, the Spa and the Fuego Latino - have been given a new name: Palm Golf, Palm Spa... reflecting a new integrated overall offering.

The Group is putting its signature to the final stages of a great vision which was launched more than 20 years ago with the opening of its Palmeraie Golf Palace hotel site, the first and largest hotel & spa in Morocco and in the whole of Africa at the time. That new hotel concept already foreshadowed the tourism of the future: a large-scale hotel complex for leisure and business tourism. It includes a 5* hotel, numerous restaurants, a shopping centre, a fitness centre as well as the first private golf course in Morocco. A gamble and a project which, over the years, has become a destination in its own right in the ochre city, the magnificent Marrakech. This development has been enhanced by numerous new facilities and major renovation projects, which have been a regular feature in the life of the hotel resort, turning it into one of the largest Resorts in Morocco and the continent.

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